and results in being saddened deeply, when the stability guard


“The Big Socialite and their dedicated team allowed me to focus on doing what I do best: playing songs”.

Elton John


“The Big Socialite was the best thing that ever happened to America until I came along”.

Donald J Trump

45th President of the United States

“Those guys over there make a better caucasian than my man Gary”

The Dude

An American Hero, The Big Lebowski

“The Big Socialite has a unique mixture of knowledege, class, and sophistication”

The Ghost of Hunter S Thompson

Great American Author and Spirit

“Without The Big Socialite, nobody would know my business.”

Bill Gates

Innovator, Microsoft

“When I said we had a lot to drink about, The Big Socialite made sure the world knew”

Jimmy Buffett

Founder, Margaritaville

Leaving this spot for our first actual review

Reggie C Pulliam

Founder, The Big Socialite

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